Honda Custom Seat Cover
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N-Style Gripper Seat Covers can be customized any way you like. Pick the color grip you want on the top or sides of your seat cover and customize it to fit your style.  

  • Hand-Sewn in house by our professional sewing crew for unrivaled turnaround times.
  • Made using N-Style's own super-grip material vinyl material to insure unmatched traction.
  • Reinforced double-stitched seams for incomparable strength.
  • Ribs can be placed according to your specs.
  • Custom vinyl side/top patches available.
  • Proudly made in the USA!


Part Numbers provided below for shops only.

10-13 CRF 250/ 09-12 CRF 450 -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6000
05-08 CRF 450 -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6001
04-09 CRF 250 -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6002
00-07 CR 125/250 -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6003
07-13 CRF 150R -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6004
96-09 CR 80/85 -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6005
10-13 CRF 250/ 09-12 CRF 450 -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6006
05-08 CRF 450 -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6007
04-09 CRF 250 -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6008
00-07 CR 125/250 -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6009
07-13 CRF 150R -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6050
96-09 CR 80/85 -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6051
2013 CRF 450 -RED SIDES/ BLACK TOP N50-6052
2013 CRF 450 -BLACK SIDES/ RED TOP N50-6053


  • Item #: Honda Custom Seat Cover

Honda Custom Seat Cover

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